Solibro Hi-Tech sets new world record of 18.72 % for CIGS PV modules

February 2018 – Thalheim

Solibro Hi-Tech GmbH is proud to announce that with an efficiency of 18.72 % on the aperture area and a total area efficiency of 17.52 % for a standard size Solibro CIGS module two new world records have been achieved. With this Solibro Hi-Tech not only surpasses their own previous-year world record but also beats former thin-film technology records and sets a new benchmark on the PV module market. The test results were confirmed by the independent, renowned test institute TÜV Rheinland in Cologne, Germany. The full size Solibro module with dimensions of 1190 x 789.5 mm and a total area of 0.94 m² was measured with a STC power of 164.7 Wp. The module was manufactured at the Solibro GmbH production facility - a sister company of the Solibro Hi-Tech in Thalheim, Germany - by using next generation production technology. With this result Solibro Hi-Tech impressively illustrates the very high efficiency level of their CIGS technology and demonstrates the steady improvement based on the strong collaboration among the Swedish Solibro Research AB, German Solibro GmbH and Solibro Hi-Tech.


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